Promo Popups for launching on Producthunt

Let users know about your launch on producthunt without any hustle

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Customizations and Features

Multiple customizations that looks best with your design.

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Customize on where the popup should appear
On Exit Intent
Display popup when the user is likely to exit the page
Copy Button
Button in popups that lets user copy text (eg. coupon)
Time Spent
Display popup after user has spent X seconds
After Scroll
Display popup when user has scrolled X%
Custom CSS
Customize the popups according to your theme

Fully Free! No Gimmicks ️️✌️

The products is free to use with every feature included in it. Unlimited popups, analytics and everything!

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Questions you might want to get answers off.

Why did I build usePopups?
While launching my first product on Producthunt, I built a simple popup to let Producthunt visitors know about my special offer for them. And the Popup accounted for 50% off my sales. Thus, thought of building it to let everyone have the same benefit.
How will this benefit you?
“Giving community members early access by distributing promo codes via the comments can work wonders. ✨”. “Ask for Feedback: Conversation is important” - From Producthunt. Giving discounts and asking for feedback is a great way to engage the PH community and popup like the above will help you a lot in this process.
Why it's not free?
Well simply it will help me acheive my goal. I dropped out of college 1 year ago and my parents want me to be in college 🤪. Supporting me with paying for any of my product(if it delivers value to you), will help me make my dream come true 😇. Thanks!
Can I cancel a subscription?
Obviously, Yes. You can cancel a subscription anytime you want. Do share your feedback if it didn’t met your needs/expectation
If I cancel my paid plan will I get a refund?
We do not provide any refund, but yes you can use the service till your subscription time.
Do you collect any data from the website?
No. The website does not collect any data from your users or website and will never in the future.
Some cheesy line saying you to get started now! So, why wait?
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